like a drunken man becoming sober

May 20, 2016 – month of daily flower & buddha photos – Day 20

silver head

silver gilt buddha statue (Thai style ?), second-hand shop May 19, 2016 photo ©

gilt flower

shirt flower 1

fabric print of delicious tropical flower on my aloha shirt worn today. May 2016 photo ©

Knowledge gained through studying the texts of the sutras and commentaries, through memorizing the teachings of a master, and through thought based on deluded views is nothing more than a type of property acquired through various worldly stratagems. Those who are “wise” in this sense may appear superior to the unlearned, but their wisdom is actually an obstacle in that it can hinder them from attaining enlightenment…The ancient masters warn us that the foolish are hindered by foolishness, and the wise are hindered by wisdom. 

Thus if those who understand that the profound wisdom of Original Nature is imminent in everyone but is obstructed by ignorance and knowledge can let go of both the true and the false that arise in their minds, then they will without fail come into accord with this profound wisdom. It is like a drunken man becoming sober and returning to his senses.

— Muso Soseki (1275-1351), Dialogues in a Dream: The Life and Zen teachings of Muso Soseki 

tr. Thomas Yuho Kirchner, 2015. Wisdom; Somerville MA