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May 15, 2016 – month of daily flower & buddha photos – Day 15


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What does the experience of enlightenment bring? Not some philosophical explanation of ten kingdoms which may exist in theory or in actuality, but the conscious realization of them both within one’s “self” and in the universe. Then there is no difference between self and the universe. Then there is no difference between self and self, between self and totality. We are everything we comprehend or apprehend. What we understand is — or becomes — us; separations are in words and illusions.

There is much more in universal Buddhism than in becoming a Buddhist. One becomes Bosatsu, the Bodhisattva who sees all beings, enlightened and ignorant, with the same compassion. She does not frown upon the multitudes who do not know the Dharma or who have incomplete notions of Dharma. She treats all from the standpoint that nothing is true except enlightenment and yet this enlightenment belongs to all. Thus she is able to help others though she does not consider her actions as help-to-others. In other words, the supreme end of Buddhism is that every one is a Bodhisattva and comes to realize that she has always been a Bodhisattva- or Buddha.

Samuel L. Lewis (He-Kwang Roshi), in The Western Buddhist, autumn 1959


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