You will always exist somewhere in the universe

May 13, 2016 – month of flower & buddha photos – Day 13


fallen blossom May 2016 photo ©

sleep buddha

resting Buddha — falling asleep, or entering death, final mahasamadhi or mahaparinirvana.  Materials, origin, date unknown: seems to be painted plaster, probably made in China, contemporary. Original model probably Sri Lankan or Thai. Photo: local antique / junque shop,  May 2016 ©

“It is  not through ideas about your true nature but by experiencing it that you will know your original Mind. From the very beginning our minds are completely free from anything called sin; they are completely pure, completely without delusion, completely without suffering. Our true nature is pure, clear, and free. All kinds of things come up in our lives — hardships, pain, illness — but if we know our true nature, if we experience the bottom of our being, the ultimate ground of our being, none of these things can knock us over. There is no death. Of course we die, but there is the certainty in the midst of birth and death that we are living in the Great Time of eternity. There is no end to this. No matter that this body falls off, passes away; the joyful essence of life goes on.”

— Maurine Stuart Roshi. Subtle Sound: The Zen teachings of Maurine Stuart

purp stripe