Day of Lasting Achievements

Today, May 9, is the most important day of the year, in Vedic science, for gaining auspicious support from Nature. (The astrological occasion/configuration falls on different days of the western calendar each year). It is the most important day for attuning to and propitiating Shri Ganesh, Lord Ganapati-Ji, the Remover of Obstacles. All over the world, the special communities of ten of thousands of traditional hereditary Vedic Pandits, trained by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his restored ancient TM and TM-Sidhis program, will be preforming special Vedic yagyas, ancient Sanskrit invocation and thanks-offering ceremonial procedures for attuning the world with the cosmic and celestial laws of Nature and the impulses of Cosmic Creative Intelligence, the awakened conscious beings (Devatas) who embody/personify, guide and carry out the laws of nature for the benefit of all beings.

Many generations of experts in this ancient yogic technology have been engaging in these precise procedures since the time of India’s ancient enlightened Vedic civilization. Today’s communities of Maharishi Vedic pandits are the hereditary family descendants of the original Vedic rishis, enlightened men and women holy sages or seers, who saw the Ultimate Reality within themselves and permeating the universe, and sang together the hymns incorporating the subtle music of creation.

These earliest Vedic seers cognized the knowledge of how to perform the proper invocations, gestures, and offerings by which the world is most blessed by the Devatas, by which the family of humankind is brought the maximum enlivenment of beneficial support from the all-pervasive, underlying laws of nature operating within the individual nervous system and within the entire eco-system.

Vedic science includes the knowledge of how to compensate future karmic conditions due to past actions, much like roasting seeds which have not yet begun to sprout. On this most auspicious day every year the Pandits are engaged in day long yagya offerings. It’s an impressive and intensely uplifting experience to be in their physical presence when they are performing these ancient procedures for the sake of benefiting and furthering the spiritual evolution of all beings.

While not everyone can join the pandits in close physical space today, much more importantly, we all can attune our mind and intention to the purpose and goal of today’s special benefits.

9 May • Akshaya Tritiya Vinayaki Shri Ganesh Chaturthi • Day of Lasting Achievements

Quality of Natural Law: Akshaya Tritiya to bring lasting achievements

  • To increase wealth
  • For removal of resistances and troubles for happiness and health in life and promotion of positive support
  • For gaining knowledge
  • To increase harmony in married life
  • To promote spiritual progress
  • For promoting peace of mind
  • Promoting good fortune; elimination of obstacles and promotion of supportive influence on the basis of the Kundali [natal-chart]
  • For support in court case
  • For laying a foundation stone; positive influence for a new home; moving into a new home; ground breaking ceremony