May Day

For the month of May, I’m attempting to take and post each day a photo of a flower and a photo of a Buddha –a Buddha image, or a photo of any being as a buddha.

This flower is the first photo I took with my new phone camera.

Just a few days before, a friend had said about her smart phone, “This isn’t a phone, it’s a camera!” She was right.

first flower

“According to the Zen tradition, at a teaching assembly Shakyamuni [Gautama, the principle Buddha of history] held a flower up in one hand, and turning it in His fingers, winked. Mahakasyapa, one of the Buddha’s chief disciples, smiled. The Buddha confirmed that Mahakasyapa had understood His teaching. The Zen tradition claims this as the first instance of what it terms wordless mind-to-mind transmission of the truth outside the scriptures and claims Mahakasyapa as the first patriarch of their tradition. If only we will listen, though, each flower has a wordless teaching for each of us. The scriptures are always guideposts, summaries or hints and true teaching is essentially wordless and finally consists of feelings and knowledge that words can never fully convey. Amida’s [celestial Buddha Amitabha’s] call too is, paradoxically, entirely wordless. Memory is wordless. Aesthetic emotion is wordless. Love is wordless.”

— Mark Healsmith “Flowers of the Dharma” in Muryoko – Infinite Light Journal of Shin Buddhism

buddha flower postcard

detail of a bulletin board in my home


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