Blossoms & Buddhas


rose chair

For the month of May,

I’ve decided to try to take and post a new photo each day of

a) a May flower (real or symbolic),


b) a Buddha (that is, an image of a Buddha), or any being as a buddha.

It seems like a simple enough task,

but as we know, little projects sometimes become big projects.

I first attempted this project years ago when I was living in Strawberry in Marin County (lying between Mill Valley proper — of which Strawberry is officially a neighborhood district,– and Tiburon, which is closer and more the real magnetic center for Strawberry).

Every week day morning, I would walk up over the ridge and down the hill to the bus stop and ride in to where I was working in Corte Madera near Book Passage, which my sweetie &I always called “Travel Books” for some reason. On my morning walks to the bus, I always passed so many beautiful flowers growing wild and in front yard gardens, and several Buddha images, either in people’s front yard gardens, or seen through their front windows, or in stickers on their cars, and also in the windows of shops next to the bus stop. And of course in and around Travel Books.

But the project became a bit much after a while, so I gave it up.

Here in the deserty regions, there are less flowers as late as May, and less Buddha images visible on my less frequent walks. So I’m focusing mostly on things around the house. Forgive all the dust, I’m not much of a housekeeper these days!

 (photo above: detail of embroidered fabric on chair in my living room)


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