Why I’m not for Hillary

Bernie can still win! But aside from Bernie and what he stands for and what his campaign hopes to achieve with Bernie as president, I find it extremely challenging to vote for Hillary, if Bernie does not receive the nomination. Of course Bernie himself has pledged that if Hillary wins the nomination, he will support her. And Noam Chomsky has said that “Hillary is twenty times better than any of the Republican candidates” and that he would certainly vote for her as well. So I guess, just to stop the evil Republican agendas, I would be forced to vote for Hillary as well.  But I just can’t stand to face that prospect. And here, in part, is why!  Thank you Abby, for all your amazing work.

Abby Martin’s entire series, The Empire Files, available on youtube, is astonishing. It will scare the weepin bejeezus right outta ya. And may rouse you to do something more urgent(ly) to make the world better, while we still have a chance.





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