All Love is Directed Towards the Self

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Below is a transcript of this video, capturing a question-and-answer session with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi held during a month-long international Transcendental Meditation teacher training course I attended in August 1970 at Northern California’s Humboldt State University. There were 1,500 international teacher trainees in attendance.  The course subsequently continued in Europe for another several months.

Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course

with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Humboldt State University

Arcata California

evening session August 27, 1970

Question and answer session All Love is directed towards the Self

Teacher trainee 1: Could you explain what the love is between a man and a woman?

Maharishi: All love, one love….People marry to love, and share one’s life, with each other. Hmm? That is what it is. And those who remain separate, they remain separate, and they enjoy. That’s the whole thing, hmm?

TT 1: Is it the same kind of love you have with God?

Maharishi: In a much lesser degree. The absorption is not so much as in the case of God, because He is so big, and so great, and celestial, and, and…valueless, infinite value.

Here, here the value is in one’s fulfillment, one’s fulfillment. If I like flower, as long as the flower is able to give joy, fine, that is my flower; that it gives me—hmm?—values, values….

And funnily enough…. (laughter). Now, here is the crucial point:

funnily enough, one’s love is directed to one’s Self.

No one loves anybody else. This is…funnily enough (laughter). It’s a, it’s a…false statement that someone loves someone else; absolutely not: no one loves anybody else. Every current of love is directed towards the Self. Wherever, in whatever direction, the stream of love flows, it only flows in the direction of the Self. If the Self is not satisfied, the current doesn’t flow.

Every, every wave of love is eternally, always directed to the Self. As long as loving pleases me, — I am with the boy, and playing with him, and loving him, and all that, all that. But I feel, when I feel ‘fed up,’ —  “You will sit there, and I’ll come later, and say something…” Hmm? It’s not the boy that is being loved; it’s the self that is being puffed up, it’s the Self that is being cherished, it’s self that is being just puffed up, it’s Self, it’s the Self that is being nourished. The boy has been a means to create the wave for the self to swell, and when the self swells in love, it becomes greater. This expansion of the self is all that is dear.

The expansion of the Self is all that is dear.

Something becomes a means to this expansion and the mind takes a pretext on it: “I love him.”  Where is the love after, after maybe half an hour? one hour, two hour? one year, two year?, five year? …and then the love is no good, and, “Go!” and “Go!”

It’s the pretext, it’s the showpiece; the real is Self.

No one loves anybody; everyone loves and feeds his Self. And any thing that fails to feed the Self, now, is no more a point of love. As long the object feeds the Self, so long that is dear; not the object is dear, but the feeding of the Self is dear. The process which enables the Self to be, to be swelling in greater and greater magnitudes, more and more range of time and space is covered by the expansion of the Self, and that expansion is dear to me.

Funnily enough, this is the story of love. (laughter and applause). Hmm?

My love for God, and “God!” and “God!”, and “God!” and all day and night, and “God!” and “God!” —  because I feed myself with that; my self is fed in that, in that feeling for Him, and so, “He is my love,” and “He is my love,” and…   Because here is the expansion of the influence of my territory; my self grows, increases, becomes greater, and greater, and so I love God. It’s the love to the Self, by the Self, for the Self. God is just a means, I make a means of Him. And through that instrumentality of Him, I enjoy, I grow, I swell, I become greater, and greater. This is the expansion of the Self.

So, all currents of love are directed by the Self, for the Self, to the Self. Everything else is a wrong evaluation; this is the right evaluation. This is the reality of the story of love. It has only one direction; it has only one source; it has only one goal. And the source, and the direction, and the goal of love is the same One. Everything else is just a facade, without a reality. Hmm? Understanding shows this, experience shows this, the reality of life proves this. Hmm?

This is, funnily enough (laughter)…This is the story of love (chuckles). You see a different picture.

And this is as philosophical as this is practical. Hmm? It is conceptually delineated, and it can be empirically verified (laughter). Hmm? (laughter). Yes?

Teacher trainee 2 (Dr Dimitri from Stanford): Maharishi, may I have four flowers? I’d like to give them to four people so I can love myself four times.

Maharishi: You should speak from here, and see them, and…. Yes?

Dimitri: Somebody gave me a note: It says, “Goethe said: ‘The fact that I love you, is no concern of yours! ‘ (laughter)

Maharishi: Hmm?… It’s a beautiful specimen. It’s very real, it’s very real. It’s very sweet: “I love you and it’s no concern of yours.” Very real. It’s enjoyable.

Teacher trainee 1: Maharishi, are all other emotions directed toward the Self also?

Maharishi: Oh yes, always, everything…

TT 1: Anger?

Maharishi: Always, everything is directed to Self, no matter what. Because, every step of life is toward evolution. Goal of evolution is infinite, and that is my Self. Everything is directed towards the Self, and not only towards any, anybody’s self, towards my Self. Everything is directed towards my Self. Everything. And this is the realization of every self, hmm? Everything is directed toward my Self, hmm? Every thing.

TT1: Thank you, Maharishi. (hmm?). Thank you.

Trainee 3: Maharishi, I feel strange asking you…

Maharishi: …Big Self is naturally there as a goal, and small self is there as a source, and in the process of small becoming big, are the steps of evolution, hmm? So the whole story is from self to Self, from self to Self, from self to Self, from self to Self. So everything is directed towards the Self; everything is for the Self, by the Self, to the Self. Hmm? Mmm.

Trainee 3: Jai Guru Dev. Maharishi, when I hear your answer to the last question, I feel foolish asking my question, because my question was, the fact that I feel more love for others than I do for myself.

Maharishi: Oh.

TT 3: And I, I hear your answer, but what I want to know now, how do I go about getting this feeling that is going out, how do I feel that towards myself, and self-acceptance?

Maharishi: I go out, and when I find that, “out” and “in”, there is nothing devoid of my Self, then I don’t go anywhere: I remain everywhere: all outward directions are my own directions, all inward directions are my own directions.

My love for others is as long as I enjoy to love them.

My love for others is as long as I enjoy to love them.

The moment I cease to enjoy loving them, they are not the points of my love. And therefore, all that I love them is for my own feeding, for my own joy; there is nothing as others, there is nothing as others. If there is any relationship, it is the relationship of the Self to the Self. The entire purpose of relationship is expansion of one’s territory of influence. The purpose of behavior, the purpose of love, is just—expand: expand in your structure, expand in the status of life,—expansion, expansion! Expansion of one’s territory of influence is behavior.

Love is a very delicate, very refined, very enriching, very rewarding type of behavior. I love everyone as long as I enjoy through that process. The moment I cease to enjoy, all currents of love stop. Very clear—it’s very clear.

And therefore, all that everyone is, is in terms of my Self. I am not in terms of them all; they all — together, and taken separately — are in terms of my Self. The relationship is there as long as the Self is enjoying through that relationship. The whole thing drops the moment joy stops.

So the entire field of relationship, the whole field of love here, and love there, and love here and love there, — from the love of the ant to the love of God, — the whole structure of love is dedicated to my Self. This is the reality. The whole structure of love — infinite number of pyramids of love hanging in space here, and rising on the Earth here, and, hmm? Hanging in the air here, whatever: all the structures of love that I build, I build in terms of myself. This is the story of love. Hmm? It’s a vision of life—clear.

TT 3: Maharishi, are you saying then,  when they feel that they are dependent on others for love, this does not exist?

Maharishi: It exists, but in reality, it exists in terms of one’s Self. It exists, because we can’t say love doesn’t exist; it exists, but where does it exist? When we try to locate it, we find it exists in the Self.  Just—where does it exist? Gold: from where does it come? It comes from the mine. Fine, that is the source of that. All infinite currents of love, here, there, everywhere, where they are located? where they get life? where they get energy? towards what they are directed? They are directed toward their source; in the Self is the source of all the currents of love. The goal is right back to the Source. The whole journey is a facade of no value.  The starting point is the reaching point, and both of them are in the Self.  That is the field of love, that is the source of love, that is the goal of love.



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