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Don’t listen to anybody. Decide by yourself and practice divine madness. Develop courage for the benefit of all sentient beings. Then you will automatically be free from the knot of attachment. Then you will continually have the confidence of fearlessness and you can then try to open the Great Door of the Hidden Place.
—Tulshuk Lingpa (1916-1962)

World views:

Since last taking note, this blog site has had some more visits from viewers/readers outside the US. Norway and South Korea are now added to the previous list of visitors’ locations outside the US, so the line-up now is: Belgium, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK, & US…

More festivals listings!

If you scratch the surface of event listings for tiny but significant places like Taos and Port Townsend, you’ll find, as I did, that they have some interesting-sounding events happening virtually every week all year long (visit their websites—I’ve only included a few items from each). Probably lots of other similarly scenic & culturally desirable communities are also extremely rich in cultural events all year round. Taos and Port Townsend are quite small! Taos population: 33,035 (2013); Port Townsend: 9,210 (2013). Not every US small town is a cultural wasteland! Though to be sure there are plenty of such BFEs scattered across the landscape as well!

My lists of festivals lean heavily in the direction of locations I’ve enjoyed living/visiting, typically without any concern at the time for particular festivals or other interesting major events taking place there. I’ve mostly (though not completely) omitted anything in the Deep South as I generally find that quadrant of the continent just too off-putting for words. I’ve also mostly omitted major massive urban cluster-f**** centers in the North, for somewhat similar reasons. This is just my personal taste!—Obviously there are gobs of lovely people in the North and the South, as elsewhere, and lots of interesting aspects of their respective regional and local cultures. I’m just making a highly personal, rather arbitrary and certainly idiosyncratic/idiocentric selective listing of my own. No offense intended.

Again, let me know if there are events I’ve left out that you think I might enjoy, and send me your own lists of events you’d most like to attend/participate in. Do you have any plans to show up at any of these events? Share your responses!

Further Festivals 2016

Feb 2016

Feb 27-Mar 5 Poetry workshop: DO I DARE DISTURB THE UNIVERSE? Writing Long or Linked Poems  – Spokane


Mar 12 Abby Martin speaks at The Venus Project Celebration – Fort Myers FL


Apr 7-10 Taos Shortz Film Festival – Taos NM


May 7 Kinetic Sculpture Race Grand Championship  – Arcata to Ferndale CA
“Triathlon of the Art World”

May 20-22 Taos Lilac Festival

May 29-June 4 Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival & Workshop – WA


June (?) Taos Solar Music Festival – Taos
celebrating music and alternative energy technology

Jun 3-5 Folk ‘n’ Bluegrass Festival – Pagosa Springs CO

Jun 10-12 The Brass Screw Confederacy – Steampunk Festival – Port Townsend


Jul 3-10 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes – Port Townsend

Jul 8-10 Taos Pueblo Pow Wow – Taos Pueblo Buffalo Grounds

Jul 14-23 Port Townsend Writers’ Retreat, Conference & Readings

Jul 22-24 Fiestas de Taos

Jul 31-Aug 7 Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival & Workshop


Aug 4-29 Art Port Townsend – Annual Port Townsend Arts Festival
visual arts, literary events, workshops, lectures, artist studio tours

Aug 12-14 Crestone Music Festival – CO


Sept 2-4 Four Corners Folk Festival – Pagosa Springs

Sept 8-11 Big Barn Dance Music Festival – Taos

Sept 23-Oct 2 Taos Grand Fall Arts Festival

Sept 23-25 Port Townsend Film Festival

Sept 28-Oct 2 Port Townsend Ukulele Festival


Oct 1-2 Great Port Townsend Kinetic Skuplture Race

Oct 1-2 World Championship Outhouse Race – Virigina City NV

Oct 23-25 Taos Mountain Balloon Rally



Some more fave places (may include some overlaps with earlier list):

Anambas, Arcata, Bababudangiri, Bawah, Bo Town, Brunswick, Cala Bono, Cala Millor, Cambridge, Cicely, Demoshong, Einsiedeln, Eldorado Canyon, Emerald Lake, Eremo delle Carceri, Florence, Flüeli, Gaienhofen, Gili Air, Gili Meno, Goifulhafehendhu, Gold Beach, Hermit Gulch, Ibiza, Interlaken, Kamloops, Kanchipuram, Kanya Kumari, Koh Lipe, Kyichu, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Louise, Limantour Beach, Laucala, La Verna, Livigno, Madison, Mainau, McKenzie Bridge, Minusio, Montagnola, Mt Arunachala, Mt Sanitas, Mullayanagiri, Narni, Nusa Lembongan, Oban, Oberengadine, Okanagan Valley, Pashupatinath, Phajoding, Pushpanjali, Rameshwaram, Ranft Ravine, Revelstoke, Rolwaling, Sacheln, San Juan Capistrano, Shirdi, Silver Plume, Squaw Valley, Sringeri, Stockbridge, Tirupati, Tiruvannamalai, Trawangan, Udupi, Witch Creek, Yolmo, Zanzibar


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