Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!
Despite all the egregiously tawdry plasticity/commercial fakery surrounding St Valentine’s Day, I continue to find it interesting that it has its (mytho-poetic) historical origins (supposedly) in the story of a political-religious dissenter & prisoner of conscience who apparently courageously spoke truth to violent imperial power and was central to a community enjoying a spirit of mutual compassionate love between a saint (Valentine) and his disciples and supporters in the early centuries of Rome. Curious. Even if a completely imagined (?) legend. It makes a beautiful story, the passing of clandestine saintly teacher-student (platonic) love letters to and from prison. Such things still take place in our world today in various parts of the world, and this is a love story worth celebrating year after year, throughout the centuries.

There is no one in my own life on this St Valentine’s Day to whom a St Valentine’s Day love-note greeting would be appropriately construed and appreciatively received. There’s lots of mutual and/or one-sided fondness in my life, but no active romance. So I’m just sending out my love greetings, romantic and platonic (and whatever combo/other kinds of love-feelings), to everyone in general: to everyone I admire and feel a special fondness for: I love you. You are (each and all) my Valentine. Please be my Valentine!
I’m thinking today of all the living saints of whatever religion and of no particular “religion”, especially those who may be suffering in prisons [of various kinds] around the world, and feeling a particular fond love toward them all—known and unknown.
I’m thinking today of all the other known and not known maybe-not-yet-quite-saintly prisoners of conscience around the world, and feeling and sending them a particular fond love today.
I’m thinking today of all those around the world who take the time and trouble to remember those who suffer oppression and injustice and who write on their behalf, and/or who write to them, to send them support and love.
And I’m thinking of and appreciating all those who take the time and trouble to send notes and other signs and gestures of love and appreciation and fondness to any persons, known and unknown, whom they admire.
I’m thinking of and appreciating all those who wish to be loved, and wish to be mutually-in-love with some special person, but remain alone and/or unrequited today. I know how you feel. I know your experience. I know your heart ache and your heart break. Take comfort and courage, have patience, continue to love without hope for return.
Your love is not wasted, however futile it may feel and seem. Go ahead and continue to keep on feeling and giving away your love, anyway. Stretch and expand it to include as many persons as possible. There are countless numbers of persons worth sending your love to. Include them in your Valentine’s Day wishes. They don’t ever have to know.
It’s the feeling, the intention, that counts. The love vibe, the compassion wish, the loving-kindness dedication. The waves of devotion on the ocean of emotion. The tender innermost feeling level of goodwill. That’s what reaches and is received by hearts thirsty and attuned to mutual goodwill, fondness, and affection. There’s lots of love surging out there in this world of ours. I’m adding my own little intense drop for all those in need, all those open to receiving.
Happy St Valentine’s Day, everyone! And thanks and affection to all those sending me love vibes today, wherever you are, whoever you are, known and unknown. Thank you. Much appreciated. Words can not express.






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