If you walk the Divide

3 January 2016  a pome a day

If you walk the Divide
you might want
to build your life from the geology handbook
‘the faithfulness of things’
calls Tim Hogan from ahead on the trail —
a rig in the Gulf explodes
oil plume a hundred miles long
Indus watershed floods
seven million people displaced Pakistan
teach us turn breath
into kindness
grand breath master poesy
no secret the gods the forces
of nature turn whimsical cruel
only breath into kindness see
us through

—Andrew Schelling (b1953)
A Possible Bag
Singing Horse Press, San Diego, 2013




Family ancestor saints:

1 January

St Mochua (Cuan) Mac Cronan (6th c), uncle

St Fanchea of Rossory (-c585), aunt

2 January

St Adalhart (Adelard) of Corbie (-826), generation 40 uncle

3 January

St Bertilia of Maroeuil (-687), aunt

St Melor (-411), uncle







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