Poem for a day



1 January 2016

A New Daily Blog Feature

For January, I’ve decided to attempt to post a poem a day. Alas, not a poem of my own each day, but a poem close to hand among whatever I’m reading these days. Or some other poem if something particular comes to mind. For today, I reached into my satchel, pulled out the volume currently accompanying me, and opened at random. This was the poem on the page:

There’s no dust to sweep on a mountain
guests have to knock before I open the door
after a snowfall the setting moon slips through the eaves
a plum branch shadow comes right to the window

— Shiwu Qinggong (Stonehouse, 1272-1352)
tr. Red Pine (Bill Porter b.1943)
The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse
Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend WA, 2014


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