“…Good news, bad news…”

“…Good news, bad news…”

Here’s some bad news (see link).
But I’ve decided to try to refrain from simply passing along bad news, at least as long as it doesn’t also contain some information about something or things readers can do about improving on the situations reported. And I can’t always add my own tips for ways to improve the world with every “bad news-only” report I find interesting or urgent in a lurid &/or alarming way.

I will just have to assume that anyone attracted to spend time reading in this blog site will be intelligent and concerned enough to already know or search out on their own things they can do to improve the conditions of our world.

But nonetheless, here’s a report which is nothing but bad news. At least I’m just posting the link, not the text of the article. Just know, that if you choose to open it up and read it, this article will not make you happy.  It might, however, prompt you to get out and do something more to help save our environment…

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