Christmas ancestor saints

(Playing catch-up with my listing of ancestors of mine who are canonized saints with commemorative feast-days [holy-days] falling in December.  …The order of my posts does not track with the calendar of their December feast-days…)

St Tathyw (c460-) aka Tathey, Tathai, Tathan of Gwent (Wales), generation 51 cousin. 

From same family of several saints related (over several generations) to both St Patrick and St Judicael, among others. Tathyw founded at least one abbey in Wales and also later lived as a recluse.


St Alburga of Wilton (-810), generation 40 ancestral aunt.
Abbess and foundress, born a princess in Wessex, England, the sister of King Egbert of Wessex.
King Egbert (771/775–839), aka Ecgberht, Ecgbert, or Ecgbriht, King of Wessex, was grandfather of King Saint Alfred the Great, making St Alburga great aunt to Alfred.
“Saint Alburga displayed piety at an early age. She was married to Wulfstan of Wiltshire as part of a political alliance. She founded Wilton Abbey while married to Wulfstan. Upon his death, Alburga retired to Wilton and became the abbess.”


St Adelsinde (Adalsindis) (-715), generation 44 aunt.
Saint Adelsinde’s aristocratic parents Adalbald and Rictrudis, and her several siblings, were canonized saints. She entered the Benedictine convent at Hamayles-Marchiennes, near Arras, France. Her sister, St. Eusebia, was abbess there.

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