Saint Dagobert

[photo is of a bas-relief depiction of the martydom of King Saint Dagobert II]

Saint Dagobert II (c650-699), generation 44 grandfather.
King Saint Dagobert II the martyr, was the son of King Saint Sigebert III of Austrasia (East Franks, France), who also died a martyr.
As a young prince, Saint Dagobert was spirited out of the country for safety to Ireland where he was placed under the care of monastic saints. Only as an adult was he able to ascend the throne. His first wife was an Anglo-Saxon princess named Mechtilde (Matilda) and according to the earliest sources they had two daughters who were also canonized, Saint Irmina and Saint Adela. After their husbands’ deaths the two sisters became nuns and abbessses. Saint Irmina’s daughter was also named Adela after her aunt and succeeded her as abbess. Some later sources claimed that Dagobert’s fatherhood of the two sister saints was a political fabrication, but current scholarship affirms that they were descendants of Saint Sigebert.

Saint Dagobert was assassinated in the dynastic rivalries that were so prevalent during his time, and canonized as a saint.

A skull, said to be of Saint Dagobert, bearing a fatal lance wound, is venerated as a holy relic to this day.



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