Grannie St Ælfgifu (Elgiva)

One of my ancestral grandmothers from 36 generations ago.

12/21  feast day December 12
Saint Ælfgifu (Elgiva) of Shaftesbury (- 944), generation 36 grandmother.
English Queen and abbess.
Queen Saint Ælfgifu was the first wife of King Edmund I the Just, the Magnificent (921-946), by whom she bore two future kings, Eadwig (Edwy the All-Fair c941–959) and Saint Edgar the Peaceful (943-975). Like her mother Wynflæld, she had a close and special connection with the royal convent of Shaftesbury, Dorset, founded by her husband’s grandfather King Saint Alfred the Great, where she retired as abbess, died and was buried, and soon revered as a saint.
Among her grandchildren are King Æthelred the Unrede, King Saint Edward the Martyr, and Saint Edith (Eadgyth) of Wilton (961-984).
Her feast day is also celebrated on May 18.


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