Saint Desiderius of Fontenelle

another one of my family’s ancestral saints whose feast falls on December 18

Saint Desiderius of Fontenelle (died c. 700),                                                   generation 44 uncle

Desiderius was a Frankish nobleman of the late 7th century. His father was Saint Waningus, a nobleman and a royal official under King Chlothar III, who renounced his wealth and position following a vision and became a monk and the founding abbot of Fécamp Abbey. St Desiderius became a Benedictine monk at Fontenelle Abbey in present-day Normandy, France. His relics are venerated at Ghent, Belgium.

About Desiderius’ father, Saint Waningus (also Vaneng) (born in Rouen, died c. 683), it is said: “One night Waningus had a dream in which Saint Eulalia of Barcelona reminded him of the difficulties the rich had in entering Heaven, so he gave up the privileged life to become a Benedictine monk. He founded Fécamp Abbey and is also said to have had a hand, in conjunction with Saint Wandrille, in the foundation of Fontenelle Abbey.” (wikipedia)


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