Here’s what about it: Mr. Bernie

Several friends and acquaintances continue to ask me (some last night, & others again just today!) who I favour in the US Presidential campaign.

For what it’s worth to those of you who really are interested, I’ve already made this very clear right from the beginning, again and again, but I think some folks just forget what I’ve earlier said in reply to them several times over the season:

I support Bernie Sanders.

I don’t care anything about personality or celebrity or party affiliation–I only care about humane vision, outlook, attitude, policy.

I care about equality, justice, & freedom (ie democracy)
– racial/ethnic equality/justice/freedom,
economic equality/justice/freedom,
gender & gender-identity equality/justice/freedom,
religious equality/justice/freedom,
climate justice, eco-social justice and peace.

I care about world peace. And harmony. And sustainability.
And human rights and freedoms. And about social progress.
Conscious evolution.
In other words I care about morals/ethics.

Quality of individual/personal life
and quality of interpersonal/social/community life on all levels.
Quality and value of our existence with each other
and on and with Earth and the bio-sphere.

There are some things I do not like about some of Bernie’s foreign policy positions as a congressman, as a senator, and as a presidential candidate.
I think he’s too militarist.
But, in my humble opinion, he is by far-and-away not only the BEST candidate running for president, he is the ONLY candidate running who I can morally support.

Of course, if he fails to get the Democratic nomination, I will hold my nose and vote for Hilary.
Hold my nose not because I have anything personally against her. She seems affable enough, personally.
And it has nothing to do with “her damn emails” and Benghazi – the ridiculously transparent attempt by the right wing Republican hacks to create a false scandal.
But hold my nose because I think she is an ardent war-hawk and an utter tool of Wall Street, indeed a Wall Street insider crony capitalist herself.

And I think Wall Street is utterly corrupt and anti-humane.
Insanely inhumane.

Naturally, I would love to see a qualified woman as president, but that does not even come close to compelling me to support Hilary’s rather horrible voting record &/or policy positions.
It’s true she’s presenting somewhat better campaign positions lately on some issues – but only under pressure, I feel, from those of us who support Bernie, we whose votes she’d like to have help her get elected. But for me, so far, it’s way too little, too late. I’d like to be somewhat encouraged by this partial strategic careful slight shift on Hilary’s part away from the full-bore establishment status quo line. But I’m not. I think it’s just political power expediency on her part.

As for the Republican candidates, ALL of them are advancing policies I cannot abide.

They seem to me to be openly angrily violently racist, homophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic war-mongerers, war-profiteers, bought and paid for by billionaire oligarchs. (Rand Paul is an isolationist, but not really a peace candidate! — and he seems otherwise indistinguishable on other issues).
They all seem to me to be angrily, rabidly dead set against working people, against living wages for working people, against affordable education for the people, against affordable healthcare for the people, against equatable taxes for the uber-rich, and on and on.
They all seem to be either rabid nationalist/nativist/fascist creeps,
and/or theocratic fanatic hatefilled fundamentalist Christian rightwing crazy creeps.

In both cases (whether violently insane religious theocratic fascists or violently insane quasi-secular megalomaniac fascists), they all seem pretty much equally and indistinguishably to hate science, seem to hate the ecosystem and want to destroy it by unregulated exploitation for flat-out butt-naked fat-ass greed, working in league with the Koch Brothers & other eco-cidal robber-baron crazies of that ilk who are bent on destroying the people of the Earth and our one and only planet home itself.

They all sound to me, seem to me, to hate life itself
in a psychotic death-wish way.
I think at a subconscious level, they really just can’t stand themselves
and are taking it out on other people and the world as a whole.
But I can’t decide whether it seems that it’s more a morbidly
sociopathic inferiority complex masked by a psychopathic superiority complex,
or vice versa, or both….
No doubt some of both.

The only person I see who I think is neither utterly corrupt nor insane is Bernie.

But again, it’s not his personality, it’s a matter of perceiving him as having a conscience and a humanely moral value system and a platform and a voting record as an experienced national statesperson (seasoned congressperson and seasoned senator), as person and a record that is humane, pro-humanity, not part of Big Money, and not part of rabid rightwing Christian fanaticism, racism, and on and on.

So, that is where I stand with regard to the US presidential candidates.
Just so you know.
In case you were interested.
Since several of you keep asking.

Personally, I don’t feel that any president can do all that much good on their own, per se, — not without the will of the majority of the people (and senate and congress) actively supporting her or him.

But a president can do a great deal of evil all by himself or herself — such as declaring war, for one thing. Pushing the little red button — just once — unleashing total global nuclear devastation at any given moment on any day or night during four or even eight years’ worth of day after day moment after moment. With lots of funky sh-t going down all around them at every moment, day after day, during those four-to-eight years!

So it’s very important, I think, who we decide to let sit with their finger hovering over that deadly button. I cannot trust a Cruz or Trump or Carson or Christie or Fiorina. They all seem unhinged and hateful. Or any of the other Republicans, quite frankly. Quite obviously. To me, they all just seem evil-minded. Ego-maniacal and full of angry rightwing hatred.

I’ve heard lots of arguments in favour of a different viewpoint.
I’m sure I will hear many of them again and again during the next year and maybe some new ones too.
That’s fine.

We’ve plenty of time in the next year ahead to discuss these things
If you care to.
Personally I don’t really ever bring it up in conversation from my side.

And I have even less reason to do so now that I’ve shared this with everyone.

And of course I still like each and every one of my friends, just as much as before,
no matter what your political perspectives may be.

And no offense intended.

Katie Couric interviews Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders – Then and Now (1985-2015)

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