Where spirits get eaten

Question to John Trudell:
So, there’s this obvious imbalance here;
If you were going to try to describe it
to a young person, or to a visitor who got here,
five minutes ago, to Earth, and had no clue, —
how would you describe what the problem is here?

John Trudell:
They have entered the reality of the already dead,
— who are just spending their lives waiting to die;
the reality of the spiritually disconnected.

This is the reality that seems to be prevalent.

Because, — it’s like, — you look at the leadership
or you look at the institutions,
or the things that are held up in these esteems —
and none of these things seem to have
any spiritual relationship to life.

You know…

So it’s like — ha!
no spiritual relationship to life!
It’s almost like: no spiritual recognition.

We’re in a time and reality where
the human beings that are now on —
the human beings in,                                                                                                           at least in the technologic world, —
no longer remember
the original dream.

They no longer remember
their ancestors,
or the teachings,
or the knowledge.
They no longer have these things of their ancestry.

So it’s almost like
they’re spiritually disconnected
from the past.

And, when you look at the situations,
and conditions, that we live in now,
with the way that, you know,
the way that the cancers of greed, and war,
the way that these viruses, these diseases,                                                       have spread…

And no one is really taking responsibility
to effectively deal with these things…

I mean, people will have emotional reactions
and emotional outbursts,
and those types of things;
but no one’s taking clear and coherent action
to deal with this disease of aggression                                                               that is taking place.

So, it’s almost like, because of that,
it’s almost like they have no spiritual relationship
to their own descendants.

So, it’s like, you know, no spiritual relationship
to the past, to the ancestry;
no spiritual relationship
to the ancestry in the shape of the future…

So whatever this disease
of aggression, and violence, and greed, and all,
— whatever this disease mentality is
that lives in this life-system now,
it’s eating up the spirit… of the diseased

And they don’t even know it’s happening!

They have no relationship to Being;
they only function and react as humans.
They have no relationship to Being.
Being always is.
— this is how we’re with our ancestry,
and with our descendants:

When we leave as humans,
we go back to Being.
Being: human being:
— that really means something.

But we live in a reality, now, where,
in a time where,
I would say,
to anyone, you know:
“Protect your spirit!
You know, Protect your spirit;
— because,
you’re in the place where spirits get eaten.”


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