The Futuristic Police State

The Futuristic Police State
2003 interview excerpt:

Question for John Trudell:
Of the various kinds of issues that are current at this time,
what do you think are the ones to watch in terms of, say,
how our collective future’s gonna be in the next 4 or 5 years?
And what are the ones that are distractions?
Is it important that Schwarzenegger won the governorship,
or took the governorship, or describe it as you will?
Or is that a distraction from other things that are, you know,
— maybe, the deterioration of the environment
that have consequences that may trump everything?

John Trudell:
Well, I mean, generally speaking,
I think almost everything that happens is a distraction.
I mean, it — this distraction, that, —
I mean, that distracts from this
So I think, just kind of generally speaking…

What, I don’t know,
the future I see, and this is, is thatthe State is going
to assume in the next few years,
the State will assume more, more police power – authority.
The economic situation will become intense
for a larger percentage of people.

And this — just this —the very existence of this,
this thing between the State getting more authority,
police authority, and the economic situation becoming
more desperate for people, a larger segment, amount, of people;
then these two things are going to produce their own dynamic.

So I just, personally, think that it’s, that it’s just like, ya know,
the society is stepping off into the futuristic Police State.

And I think that the citizens, or the people, or however people identify, —
that they should really consider that, — that possibility.
And do what they coherently think is the best about it.
But it’s coming. It is. It’s just, you know, because the things now are just…

—I mean, like Schwarzenegger, and them…
The main thing, — I have an attitude against Schwarzenegger
because he, he’s tryin to just do this, what I consider, this kinda racist attack against the Native Gaming people,
so against Indians and gambling, alright? y’know?
So I have this attitude about him.
So he was surely a distraction for me. Right?

So, you know, here’s this immigrant, gets off the boat,
and he sees some Indians have something.
So he – you know, so it’s such typical behavior
from those newly getting off the boat.
So, I have attitude with him about that.

But the rest of it is: if Californians voted him in,
then they deserve him.
This says a lot toward what the public is, y’know?
I mean, what people, people’s sense of how they feel,
their powerlessness, or their emotionalism,
or you know, whatever it is.
But if they allowed this to happen, then they deserve him.
And he’s already warned the Indians, he’s gonna, he wants to take us on.
So, ya know, so. Alright, so, oh, but then…so…

But then — other than that, with him: —Nazi drippings.
Ya know? Because, because his father was a Nazi, ya know?

And the other thing I find that’s interesting about that —
I just saw it in the news today: that Prescott Bush,
George Bush’s grandfather, had one of his financial institutions
seized and shut down by the federal government
because he was working with the enemy, the Nazis.
These are Nazi drippings.
And in a way, that’s what it’s really all about.

I think the Nazi drippings are just kinda
happening now into the ingredient, alright?
into the ingredient of the Thousand Year Reich.
The Nazi drippings are now happening
in this society, alright? to just, ya know, get more control over people.

And I think, and I think that, that’s where it’s headed.
The manipulation of economics, just the reality of…
Y’see, the people have no say, and they know it.
They can complain, and they can do whatever,
but they really, they don’t really have any say.
And the State knows that. They know this.
They know they can get away with what they want.
They control almost everything, all the access —

So, in that sense, things are pretty bleak, I think
for any idealistic or practical concepts of free—
or freedom, whatever, ya know, that, this individuality,
and all these, these rights to privacy, and all these things…
Ya see, I just think that those who now, that the State now
has control of all those things.

And when we look at the State itself, at the national level,
it is controlled by the Religious Right — right wing extremists
Alright? And so, so extremism seems to be at the helm.

And the way it’s unfolding in this country,
there does not, does not seem to be anything in the near,
immediate, foreseeable future that can deal with it.
That could even begin to effectively deal with it.
All there is ahead is to just react to it and to complain against it.
I mean, that’s not gonna stop it!  Y’know?

So I think that—turmoil—y’know?
I think hard times are coming.

But that those hard times may not be obvious
to every segment of the society,
just to the segments of the society
that are going to experience it at this time.

I think people need to take more responsibility for,
for how they participate in what’s going on.

That’s the only self-defense I can think of.



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