Auntie Edburga, ancestral saint

Ancestral saint: December feast day (see earlier posts about my project of noting info about my saintly ancestors who are venerated in the Christian religion with commemorative feast days during the month of December)
Saint Edburga (Eadburh) of Minster (-751) generation 45 aunt.
Edburga was the only daughter of the Anglo-Saxon King Centwine of Wessex and his wife, Queen Engyth. As a friend and disciple of her royal relative Saint Mildrith (Mildred), abbess of the Minster-in-Thanet Abbey, Edburga became a Benedictine nun in 716, and later succeeded Mildrith as abbess. During her time as abbess, St Edburga was able to secure royal charters for the abbey as well as having a new church (dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul) built there, to provide a shrine for the relics of St Mildrith. Edburga is known for her talent as a calligrapher, and for letters to Saint Boniface, with whom she corresponded regularly. In his letters to her, Boniface thanks Edburga for her books, altar vestments, and other ‘tokens of affection’ she had sent him and for the ‘spiritual light’ conveyed in her letters. Her own relics were translated to Saint Gregory’s Church in Canterbury in 1055


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