Happy Thanksgiving!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was “planning to write more about Thanksgiving in the next few days,” along with this:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
     There is much to give thanks for, to be grateful for, so enjoy what is      delightful and homey and delicious and convivial & celebratory about life, every day. We all have each other as friends and family, acquaintances and neighbors. As loved ones. As community, as planetary global family members. And that is the best and greatest thing. Dig it. Share it.
And just one day a year, eat til you sleep!

I had in mind to write perhaps a little more on the history of the American holiday, especially in terms of American Indian history and contemporary conditions. Perhaps combined with some foodie-feasty things from a vegetarian lifestyle perspective (I’ve been a vegetarian all my life).

Maybe I’ll get to posting such entries, yet. But for now I’ll simply wish you all again  a most happy holiday.

Here’s wishing you Many Blessings!
Jai Ma Annapurna Devi Ji!
(Salutations to the Goddess of Nature, to Our Dear Mother Earth, Abundant Giver of All Food!)

(the photo is from Thanksgiving last year.)


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